Does the Fun Ever Slop?

I went to the National Press Club’s Journalism Bootcamp event last weekend, where I met a bunch of cool people and learned some great tips on etiquette — soft skills — from Nancy J. Mitchell, the Etiquette Advocate. Did you know you’re supposed to chew with your mouth closed when you eat? Fancy that! But really, she had some great suggestions for how to appear well-behaved and make others feel comfortable.

Matt Stiles of NPR and his blog The Daily Viz gave a revelatory talk on data journalism — what it is, why it’s important, and what the best tools are. Google Refine is my new best friend.

On my way to Busboys and Poets on 5th and K Northwest after the conference, I was struck by this ever so existentialist query, etched into the tissue of my heart as tenderly as cement of the sidewalk:

Oh, the profundity! From the cursive lettering to the rugged, urban canvas passing beneath the feet of hundreds — nay, thousands! — of fun-seekers and politicos each day, this is a message for the ages, the query of a generation. Indeed, many nights I lay awake in bed, wondering, begging the universe to tell me — does the fun ever slart?

But as I crossed New York Ave, for the first time ever, I asked myself, “Does it ever slop?”

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