Teddy Wins the Nats Race After 525 Losses

[Originally posted on Human Events]

The Theodore Roosevelt mascot ended his 525-round losing streak in the foot race at the Washington Nationals baseball game today. Enthusiasts at Sagamore Hill, TR’s home until 1919 and now a National Historic Site in Oyster Bay, N.Y., were thrilled.

“Holy smokes,” Virginia Perrell, a volunteer at the national park, said. “That’s great that TR won. Maybe that’s a special thing that may mean well for the election. Who knows?”

Amy Verone, the curator at Sagamore Hill, said, “Well, frankly, we thought he was being sabotaged.”

Why’s that, you ask? “TR is the kind of guy who would usually be in the front of the line, let’s just say,” she said. “We’re surprised that he just hasn’t won sooner. Especially against Jefferson–he’s not really known for his athletic ability.”

Verone, who earned a Master of Arts in American Studies at George Washington University, lived in the District of Columbia for 11 years and is originally from Pittsburgh, she said.

“I was reading some of the coverage about TR’s win today and talking about some of the accidents he’s had in the past and how he was supposedly sabotaged by a Pierogi,” she said. The Pittsburgh Pierogi Race is a mascot race between innings at Pittsburgh Pirates games, first held in 1999.

“We were pretty sure there was sort of a conspiracy to keep him from winning and we’re glad he overcame that,” Verone said. “I think the only thing he’d object to is that you all call him Teddy. He didn’t like that. He liked being called TR.”

See the original post for updates, including comments from Sen. John McCain and Scott Abelman, founder and operator of the blog Let Teddy Win! Follow my Twitter for more updates on this glorious development.

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