Discussing 2nd presidential debate on WTAD’s Morning Meeting radio show

This morning, I chatted with Bryan Nichols and Sean Secrease, the hosts of Hannibal, Missouri WTAD AM 930’s Morning Meeting radio show. We discussed the presidential candidates’ performances in Tuesday’s townhall debate.

I’m on at 13:15 in this mp3 of this morning’s show. Follow the link below and click ahead on the audio file:

10/17/12 Morning Meeting, WTAD, AM 930

I criticized Candy Crowley, whom I called the debate’s unmoderated moderator, for repeatedly deferring to President Barack Obama’s side of issues at hand. In one of the more heinous instances, she cut Republican candidate Mitt Romney off when he was scoring big points on Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder’s dereliction of duty in what’s known as the Fast and Furious scandal.

As the guys at Morning Meeting properly pointed out after I got off the line, it’s actually kind of absurd to try and separate the issue of assault weapons from the Department of Justice’s failed gun-walking program in which they essentially handed over guns, including–you guessed it–assault weapons to violent drug cartels in Mexico.

Considering that these guns were then used to kill innocent people, including American border patrol agent Brian A. Terry, and that the current administration has stonewalled virtually all efforts by Congress to find the truth about the operation, it’s really no wonder Obama didn’t want to talk about guns on Tuesday night. What’s really shocking is that Crowley let him off the hook without so much as a smidgen of hesitation.

On Morning Meeting, I also talked Obama’s anti-growth tax policies, the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, and the overall fallout of the debate, which, thank God, this time didn’t deal too much with Big Bird.

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