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Embassy Protests in Iran May Have Been Staged


[Originally published on Human Events]

Last week’s anti-American and anti-Israeli demonstrations in Iran, a response to the amateur YouTube movie trailer insulting the prophet Muhammad, were encouraged and may have even been partially staged by the Iranian government in order to score political points against its two staunchest enemies, Israel and the United States.

On Thursday, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei came out in favor of the various countries’ outrage, staged or not, over the film clip. In a public statement, he called the video a “desperate move” by “the enemies of the Islamic Awakening,” which is the Iranian government’s term for the Arab popular uprisings.

During a Sunday morning appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu used the embassy protests to make the case for a military strike on Iran. He said that the “fanaticism” behind the outrage would also motivate a nuclear attack on Israel by Iran, which he said was “six months or so” away from being 90 percent ready to build a bomb.

He added, “Do you want these fanatics to have nuclear weapons?”

It appears that Netanyahu was correct in a way he may not have expected: the protests in Iran last week were at least partially affiliated with the Iranian government.

On Thursday, Human Events spoke to a Tehran university student who said he believed the protesters outside the embassy were “probably Basij,” the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps’ paramilitary street force, often identified by their strictly Islamic dress — beards on men, long black veils on women — and staunch loyalty to the Supreme Leader.

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Hot and Juicy P.M. Links

Today’s links:

Voice-vote conflict erupts between the Ron Paul and Romney supporters at the Republican National Convention. To no one’s surprise, Romney won the nomination earlier this afternoon.

Just to be safe, check out Israeli government’s happy-go-lucky, Sesame Street-inspired pamphlet that prepares citizens for war with Iran.

Reuters reports that the U.S. has suggested that African countries solve their American-made problems, such as drug trafficking in West Africa and Al Qaeda in Mali, by pooling resources to create a united air force in the tradition of NATO, the same organization whose bombs over Libya drove arms into Mali…hmm. Go figure.

Mother Jones‘s Tim Murphy describes his romp through an anti-abortion gathering at which Todd Akin, the “legitimate rape” guy who represents Missouri’s 2nd district, is a hero.

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Iranian Parliament Summons President as Economy Sputters

Iranians have been feeling the crunch of foreign sanctions on the country’s economy. Prices for gold and American dollars are way up. Reuters reports food shortages and word of mouth carries stories of the frantic stockpiling of meat, rice, and other staples. According to one Iranian service employee, “We know they want to pressure us so we rise against our government, but we are not in a position to do that.” The New York Times reports:

Ordinary Iranians complain that the sanctions are hurting them, while those at the top are unscathed, or even benefit. Many wealthy Iranians made huge profits in recent weeks by buying dollars at the government rate (available to insiders) and then selling them for almost twice as many rials on the soaring black market. Some analysts and opposition political figures contend that Mr. Ahmadinejad deliberately worsened the currency crisis so that his cronies could generate profits this way.

The Iranian parliament appears to have caught wind of some of these grievances. On Tuesday the deputy speaker announced a successful vote to summon President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Al Jazeera reports that he will face “questioning over a long list of accusations including mismanagement of the nation’s economy.” Though Parliament has the constitutional power to call the president in for questioning, …

Read the full text here. Find more clips here.

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